Ready to slay your nutrition and fitness goals? Keep track of your progress with this handy at-a-glance calendar. Mark the days you stay on track with your nutrition goals, the days you complete a workout, the days you slay both… and the days when you don’t. Maintain your fitness and nutrition streak and SLAY IT!

Keep track of daily progress by selecting the goal you completed that day. Missed a workout and didn’t stay on track with your nutrition goals? No sweat! Mark that day with an “oops!” and get back on track.

In addition to tracking nutrition and workouts, you can also track whether you’ve taken your daily medication/supplements, and whether you’ve met your water intake goal. See all of your goals on one handy, at-a-glance calendar and make staying healthy fun!

  • Swipe right to see your progress from past months
  • Tap the share button in the bottom right-hand corner to share your progress on Instagram or save the calendar to your Camera Roll
  • Tap Settings to select what goals you want to track, and to set custom emoji
  • Tag us @slayitapp on Instagram for a feature on the official SLAY IT account!

SLAY IT is available for free from the iOS App Store, and does not contain ads.

Your feedback means a lot to us! Please shoot us an email at or send us a DM on Instagram @slayitapp.